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Hephzibah Integrated Technologies Ltd. is fully licensed by Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC) to support companies and government organization and to assist them to comply with the NDPR requirements.

As an NDPC licensed Data Protection Compliance Organization (DPCO), Hephzibah is positioned to provide a full range of data protection services to address the business, security and compliance needs of organizations at all stages of maturity in their data protection journey.

Our unique approach addresses the requirements of the NDPR and the GDPR as well as other regional data protection regulations/Acts and ensures the implementation of robust, practical and sustainable data protection/privacy practices in organizations.

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General Data Protection Regulation



Nigeria Data Protection Regulation


Data Protection Assessments

Conducting thorough assessments of an organization’s data protection practices, policies, and procedures to identify potential vulnerabilities and areas of non-compliance.

Regulatory Compliance Assistance

Assisting businesses in understanding and complying with relevant data protection regulations such as Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (NDPR) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), or other regional and industry-specific requirements

Data Mapping and Inventory

Assisting in mapping and documenting the flow of data throughout an organization, including identifying what types of data are collected, where they are stored, and who has access to them.

Employee Training and Awareness

Providing training programs to educate employees on data protection best practices, privacy policies, and their responsibilities in handling personal data.

Vendor and Third-Party Risk Assessments

Assessing the data protection practices of vendors and third-party service providers to ensure they meet the required standards and do not pose risks to the organization.

Data Protection Officer (DPO) Services

Acting as an external Data Protection Officer for organizations that are required to appoint one, providing expert guidance and oversight on data protection matters.

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We are a niche IT and Data consulting firm, a licensed Data Protection Compliance Organization (DPCO) with the drive, expertise and focus to protect, secure and unlock the hidden value in an organization’s data and information assets.


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