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Data is the modern gold. It runs the information-age world today. It is therefore important to secure data especially those that belong to individuals. For example, a hotel is required by law to secure its customers’ data from  the outside public by having a privacy policy. In Nigeria, this law has its ultimate form as the National Data Protection Act, by which all Nigerian organizations, or those who utilize data of Nigerian citizens, must fully abide. The Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (NDPR) which was issued by National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) in 2019 as a subsidiary legislation of NITDA Act, 2007, was established in order to safeguard the rights of natural persons to data privacy, to foster safe conduct for transactions involving the exchange of Personal Data, and to prevent manipulation of Personal Data in Nigerian businesses and organisations.

In order for these organisations to have personal data protection certification, they need NDPR compliance training by seeking General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR training courses in Nigeria. These will facilitate data protection training. This necessary training takes the form of personal data protection classes in Nigeria, which could be in person or online. These will provide data privacy training for businesses in Nigeria. Such workshop sessions will aid ready organisations to acquire training to become a Data Protection Organisation (DPO).


Training platforms could also come in the form of data protection workshops in Nigeria which are coordinated by data protection organizations. An example of such is Hephzibah Integrated Technologies. Here at Hephzibah, we provide training to employees of various organisations on how they could protect the data of their clients and customers. This is required for them to fully comply with Nigerian Data Protection Regulation, NDPR. These training sessions are referred to as Nigerian NDPR compliance training. Here, the employees can learn data protection in Nigeria, as data insecurities is rampant in today’s world. Our world today is data-driven. Therefore, data protection and privacy very paramount. Organisations that do not comply with the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation could face immense penalties and suffer reputation damage. To avoid these consequences, Hephzibah’s training programme will involve the following topics:

1. Navigating NDPR: in this training, the client organisations will explore in depth NDPR principles, requirements.

2. Customised Training: customised training will be offered to our client’s team to equip them with knowledge and skills necessary to handle sensitive data while their specific organization needs will be met.

3. Best Practices on Data Privacy: executable guidance on implementing data protection policies, management of consent, and breach response procedures will be provided.

4. Audits and Submission for compliance: we will provide adequate audits to check the client organisation’s current status of NDPR compliance and offer executable recommendations.


Investing in an organization with training experts will help you achieve this compliance with the NDPR; and Hephzibah Integrated technologies is the right place for you. For more information, visit or call us at 07047009422. We look forward to having a conversation with you on your specific needs, and to working with your organization.

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